About our products

YOKO is delighted to offer a range of high quality merino wool products. Better, Naturally! woolen collection comes from New Zealand and Australian's superior merino sheep. This is absolutely natural healthy choice in the pursuit for well-being.

Produced in Poland by one of the finest wool manufacturers for the Irish market, exclusively.

All our products have Woolmark certificate.

The healthy benefits of using merino wool:

  • • hypoallergenic
  • • the most natural breathable fibre
  • • recommended for people with arthritis,rheumatism,back pain,asthma.
  • • thermo-regulating properties
  • • extra-light weight
  • • luxurious softness
  • • odour resistant
  • • highly comfortable - no itching
  • • easy to care for
The beauty of Merino Wool

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100% merino wool and Woolmark certificates